Having children while young

Name : Eka Mulyana
Class : XII.IA-1

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Having children while young

Do you think there are benefits to having kids early on in life? Some people agree about it and some say that if you have baby while young, you are not able to do what our friends are doing, travelling with friend, or having fun, as people our age does. You are stuck with a baby to take care and as a result your study is unfinished. However, the advantages and disadvantages being a young mother vary from person to person.

One good reason to have children while you're still young is that you still remember what it's like to be a kid. You relate better to your kids. The younger you are, the more likely you are to be able to truly understand your child. By having children at a young age, you can be sure that you will have the repertoire to understand what they are dealing with and how to help them through their problems.

Another reason is younger parents may have more energy because raising children and dealing with physical demands requires a lot of energy. They will be able to play and keep up with a small kid better.

But somehow, I think the main disadvantage would be that you have to grow up sooner then you should and have to give up a part of your childhood to take care of a child. You can’t go without packing some snacks and getting kids ready as well, you can't go out with your friends once you are of age without having to find a baby-sitter and having the money for both things. It takes a lot to be a parents at any age but when you are young you are giving up a lot more then if you had waited until you had had all your fun and grew up already. What is more, you are not able to finish college or study a master or a degree, eventhough you continue it, you can’t graduate timely.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter to have kids in young age. After all, you should be financially secure and you must prepare yourself phycally and mentally to be a young mother. But in my opinion, we should better to think about our study first and finish it on time. After graduating and getting a job we can think over it wisely and well-prepared. By being well-prepared you can lead your life joyfully with your kids and your beloved family.

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